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What are the Ultimate Diet Plans To Lose Weight fast? Weight loss and healthy living can be achieved by a properly created Diet Plan. However, not every plan will work for everyone. Just as every individual has a distinct personality, he/she will benefit most when their Diet Plan has been developed according to their personality type.

When you follow a suitable Diet Plan, you will be able to maintain the desirable weight as well as be happy with what you eat. Personality-based Diet Plans are in harmony with the specific traits of each personality type.

Here is a list of different personality types and their Diet Plans. You should choose your personal Diet Plan accordingly.

-Personality Type No.1 – Your social circle is your life

You have a large group of friends, who support and advise you on every decision that you make in your life. It takes little time for acquaintances to become your friends.

Need to lose weight fast On weekends, you are not the one, who would spend the evenings alone. Going out and catching up with your social group is the best  way to enjoy the evening, according to you.

 For success: Include your friends in your Diet Plan

 Of course, for you, losing weight needs encouragement and advice from trustworthy people. Here, your friends can help you by  discouraging you from indulging in foods containing high sugar and fat.

Hence, you should involve your friends and take their suggestions while creating your diet plan. Inviting your friends over for an all organic dinner or a lunch on weekends is a good idea.

Furthermore, physical activity after every meal will speed up your body’s metabolism. Therefore, you should create a group of at least 3-4 friends for after meal walks, as it will ensure daily activity. When you have a few friends for the walks, you will not have to miss that activity ever. Even if one of them skips the activity for the day, you will still have others with whom you can go for the walks.

Since you love the company of people, you will benefit hugely by enrolling for a Pilates or an aerobics class. When you witness a group of people working out with a similar aim as yours, you will be motivated to stick to your Diet Plan.

Personality  Type No. 2 – No time for full meals. Snacks fill your stomach mostly.

You may be a mother with kids and a husband, you always find your hands full with the demands of the family or you may be an executive, whose life revolves around deadlines. Meeting these deadlines seems more important to you than consuming full meals.

In either case, as a quick solution to hunger, you resort to consuming snacks, most of which have a high content of sugar and carbohydrates.

For success: Substitute the sugars for vegetables and fruits

As for vegetables, you can prepare salads containing high-fiber vegetables like broccoli, spinach, cucumber, and turnip. Enhance the taste of these salads by adding different types of sprouts such as alfalfa and peas.

In case, you have the habit of grabbing a bottle of aerated drinks to ease your thirst then you should keep bottles filled with water handy. In this way, you will grab the bottle habitually but will consume zero calories only.

– Personality Type No. 3 – You are the rebel

Following a Diet Plan is not an attractive idea to you. You are too independent to follow Diet Plans. When your friends or your spouse tells you that you have put on weight, you just laugh it off.

  Restrictions on food intake, which appear in typical Diet Plans, give you the feeling of being bound. Moreover, you have other aims in life such as taking care of your family and/or excelling at work. You may have followed Diet Plans in the past but have quit them because after a while they seemed too boring.

For success: A Diet Plan with the freedom to try out different types of foods

A diet that includes recipes made from high-fiber fruits and vegetables will be ideal for you. Since you get bored easily, you should divide the whole week and designate each day to a vegetable and a fruit recipe.

Start from an easy to prepare recipe and then, proceed to try out complex ones. In this way, you will not have the excuse of quitting your Diet Plan over complexity associated with cooking. The variety in the plan will keep you interested enough to follow it.

For your personality type, it is not recommended that you should right away stop consuming your regular diet. You should rather reduce the amount of intake gradually while incorporating the foods suggested in the plan.

– Personality Type No. 4 – Resisting sweets is impossible for you

In your family, you are the one, who always gets the biggest share of chocolate pie or cake. You even try different types of chocolate recipes at home and relish them at ease while watching TV or reading a book. While returning home from work, you do not forget to buy chocolate or a sweet for yourself almost every other day. You do not care much about Diet Plans.

  • For success: Great patience and mindful eating

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When you belong to this personality type, you need to make a conscious move towards healthy eating. Cutting down on calories all at once will make you depressed and it is likely that you will return to your old diet. Hence, you should regulate the consumption of sweets tactfully.

Reduce the number of times you eat something sweet, at first, make it three times a week, then twice and so on. You should also cut down on the amount of what you consume. For instance, from large sized chocolate fudge or brownies, move to a medium sized one and then a small sized one.

Let your relatives and friends know of your Diet Plan and ask for their cooperation. With the absence of sweet offerings from your near and dear friends, you will find many opportunities to accommodate healthy fruits like raspberries, bananas, and peaches as snacks. You can use yogurt as dipping for the fruits. Eating well with a sensible diet meal plan and a good exercise program is a good start to a healthy diet.

Author: Carl Earley

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